Art Kleven on the Significance of 121 Springdale Street

Editor’s note: Art Kleven recalls the good old days in Athens, GA

Many hours were spent on the front porch of this house, enjoying cocktails (“some cockers!”) and high-minded discussion.

Springdale st

The Deacon held court over a diverse bunch, teaching us the rudiments of philosophy and the perfect way to stir a cocktail (or are the two really one and the same?). Just one quick stir–maybe, maybe one revolution with a spoon, certainly no more. By the end of the Deacon’s tenure, we had progressed to more advanced philosophic thought and drink-building. Our laughter, the Deacon’s above all, must still echo in that house.

Also remembering times mountain biking with The Deacon of Freakin’, Troy McAfee, and Patrick Hoppe. We had access to great single track, including an area that hosted a couple of national races. I remember riding hard late afternoons, then hitting The Globe for English pints or drinks back at the house. In good weather we would ride three or four nights a week, and sometimes something more extended, like Mountain in N. GA, on a weekend.

DK all the while earned his doctorate, taught classes, and kept up his active social life. Its amazing the physical and mental wattage he produced back then. DK rode a very large (of course) Cannondale frame. At one point he cracked it and after it was replaced, the old frame hung in the covered porch by the front door. When preparing to move from Athens he was faced with finally getting rid of it. A few us were talking about it, and DK flashed on the fact that the frame was 100% aluminum, put it in the household recycle bin (barely), and proudly walked it out to the curb, where it was picked up the next day. It may not seem so funny now, but that huge bike frame in the bin by the curb was quite a sight. DK is of course renowned for his intellect, but it is his sense of humor, often just downright goofy, that I recall most from those days. I think of DK and those times and remember a lot of laughter. And I always will.

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