DK’s Franklin & Marshall Magazine Obit

It was totally sobering to read DK’s obit in our alumni publication, Franklin & Marshall Magazine.

It was also nice to see him honored and remembered in this way–just one of a thousand little memories that come together to make a brilliant DK mosaic.


Lancaster, PA in the mid-80s was sure a great time and place to meet The Deacon. He was the lanky man on campus and so much more!

Did you know that DK was the host of a Grateful Dead-oriented radio show on WFNM-FM? Yes, he had a two-hour slot as I recall, late at night, and he’d play nothing but prime cuts from his choice Grateful Dead bootleg collection, which came to him in part from The ‘Rama, a New Englander and taper of Live Dead.

At one point, DK was forced off the air for violating FCC rules prohibiting drunkenness. I can hear those ice cubes rattling now, under DK’s compelling western voice.

“And we are back. Up next, a blistering Scarlet > Bucket from Hampton ’85.”