DK Lives On In Our Hearts And Minds (And In Our Art)

Last week in Utah, we gathered to celebrate DK’s life, starting in Rockville, then at a series of events in Salt Lake City.

One of the neat aspects that emerged from the gatherings was poetry, music and art made by DK’s close friends and relatives. The following sketch was made by Zach Ensign, DK’s nephew. It depicts Dave in the desert with 3D glasses on (for enhanced desert viewing). Note the sunglasses too.

DAVE_sketch by Zack Ensign

DK’s niece, Sophie Merrill, also contributed a beautiful song, which she kindly performed in Rockville.

In addition, Adam Parr wrote and performed an original song for DK. And I wrote and performed “Mortal Moroni.”

DK’s brother in-law, Mike Ensign, made a poster-sized print of the poem, and encouraged attendees of Wednesday night’s event at The Terraces to sign.

DK was a creative force on this Earth. In our efforts to be more like DK, we let loose our own creativity. What will you make next?

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