Portia Fieldstad Sings Sweet Song of Gratitude

Editor’ note: Once upon a time, Portia Fieldstad lived with DK and Bill Woolston in Sugarhouse.

Neffs 7-4-89

I was only 17 when we met and became housemates. I was young and naive and kind of crazy and stupid and hopeless. You were grounded and brilliant and driven, a huge and thoughtful scholar. And you never once begrudged me what I lacked. In fact, you were curious, genuinely interested in who I was and what I thought. We haven’t seen each other in about ten years (Kenyon’s wedding), and then too, you were a giant beam of a smile, wondering what had happened to me during the ten years prior. You have touched my life with such genuine kindness, David. My memories from the lifetime ago when we knew each other are filled with humor, curiosity, philosophy, goodness, and delight. I see you climbing mountains and crossing deserts. I see your knees steppin’ high while we dance.

“And the song, from beginning to end, I found in the heart of a friend.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thank you for sharing your sweet song, my friend.