DK Was Born A Ramblin’ Man

Since launching The Deacon of Freakin’ Facebook page on October 29th, we’ve gathered a ton of great photos and some compelling stories, as well.

Without a doubt, Facebook is a great place for timely updates and community interaction.

This site, on the other hand, will become a more permanent digital archive for all things Deacon of Freakin’. To use academic language, is the more authoritative text.

I plan to highlight DK’s writings here, his lectures and Road Logs. I also want your DK-inspired writings and artwork on display here. For instance, I’m cooking up a DK-inspired fictional character who travels around the U.S. in his Mexican-bought Jetta.

FYI, Jetta’s bought and sold in Mexico are a more rugged variety built to better endure the rough roads and potholes of Mexico.

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